Understanding your website visitors and how they interact with your website provides crucial information in assessing the effectiveness of your website or marketing campaigns. Whether you already have a website or we’re creating one for you, analytics help us establish a baseline for our marketing efforts to compare against the road.

Our internet marketing team uses Google Analytics in conjunction with internally developed tools to deliver insight into your website and marketing effectiveness. Google Analytics provides a deep look at your visitor behavior and demographics that help increase leads or create sales, determine paid placement advertising, target the best markets, and improve website usability. Our web analytics service will provide you with valuable metrics such as number of visitors, time spent on your site, top content viewed, cities and states of origin, visitors flow, and allows us to create and track goals for converting customers.

Collecting web traffic analytics is an invaluable tool for making informed decisions about your website. Contact Boom Consulting or give us a call at 512-609-0022 to get started.

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