Apparently, when Confucius warned against trying to use a cannon to kill a fly, he was somehow empathizing with future generations of frustrated local search marketers. To many business owners and marketing departments, that's what getting listed on Google Places and other local hubs feels like: trying to hit an impossibly small target with a cannon. Centuries after the great teacher, the same lesson that was implied in his proverb stands today: switch to a smaller weapon. For online marketers, this means honing and diversifying search criteria, “localizing” web content, and building positive reviews among a local constituency. Our local search marketing service uses the following methods to accomplish this holistic effort.

Consolidating and standardizing all existing references to your contact information is a critical first step when working to list your business under a prestigious search engine's local database. This is the initial undertaking of our local search marketing service: to round up names, numbers, and addresses referring to your business from sources you may not even know exist and streamline the information to most likely attract a listing. After trimming the excess, we integrate schemas and other tags that reveal your business' location into your website. Similar to “geotagging” with online images, a grossly underutilized tactic by businesses, these snippets of code and copy are easily flagged by search engines' local databases, which leads to indexing.

Only 49 percent of the 37 percent of businesses that have achieved local listings have integrated images in their listing. Even less, about 20 percent, have added videos. These oversights are made even more heinous by the continuous success of video marketing, especially since Google and other engines developed the habit of listing videos among the top ten non-video search results. By appropriately incorporating images, videos, coupons, and other overlooked elements into your listing, our team of local search marketing professionals primes your website for multiple search engine features.

To reaffirm your correct listing information, increase your visibility to local search engines, and uplift your reputation all at once, we always take advantage of the opportunity to ask for reviews where appropriate. Reviews attract comments, more reviews, and site visits as they direct local search databases to your website.

When positive reviews, diversified listings, and clever tags unite, your business is ready to start a potentially global campaign from its own backyard. Contact Boom Consulting or give us a call at 512-609-0022 and let’s get started.