As search engine marketing (SEM) authorities project an increase in internet users to more than 75 percent of the global population in 2012, even grassroots brick-and-mortar advocates have to acknowledge the infinite potential of internet marketing. A truly dynamic effort, search engine marketing is cultivating its own language, methodology, and clientele. Our online marketing services are designed to not only establish a multi-tiered marketing strategy for your online enterprise, but also to empower you with the knowledge and ability to maintain a lucrative business thereafter.

Every internet marketing campaign must begin with a marketing plan and strategy. This service lays out marketing objectives and advertising goals to develop an optimized website, advertising campaign, and client base for your website. Our planning and strategy service will also define and accomplish more specific directives, such as achieving product differentiation and market expansion.

After a plan is established, your website must be indexed by prominent search engines to reach the red carpet of the virtual realm: Google's top ten results. Our search engine optimization (SEO) service integrates research-driven keywords, links, and advertisements to make this happen.

Paid placement or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising describes an advertising model in which advertisers pay website owners every time their advertisements are clicked on. We use our mastery of SEO to drive traffic, clicks, and profit up by linking keyword queries with relevant advertisements for you. Similarly, featuring banner advertisements on other high-traffic websites allows site owners to expand their demographics and increase advertising revenue with additional pay-per-click sponsors. With 3.5 billion pieces of content shared weekly, Facebook and Twitter have also become very “liked” among site owners for providing free, highly visible, and extremely potent user-generated endorsements.

In addition to display advertisements and social media, our email newsletter marketing service uses a multi-tiered approach to initiate or improve rapport with new or existing customers by connecting you with new address lists and optimizing your advertising messages.

To proliferate your messages throughout even larger circles, we offer an affiliate marketing service, in which third parties are contracted to market your site at a set rate. Once your advertisements are clicked on, of course, you need a professionally drafted landing page that accomplishes your objective of lead generation, sales, sign-ups, or a combination.

Finally, our local search marketing service uses geographical information to achieve product loyalty among local communities while building your reputation via word-of-mouth communication.

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