Smartphones and tablets are taking the world by storm and are revolutionizing the way we see things on the web. Just as you’d want your organization or business to look good from all sides on the street, your website should look good in all browsers and on all devices. If you neglect the mobile audience, you are turning your back on millions of on-the-go consumers who could be customers.

Mobile browsers aren’t built all the same and mobile devices don’t operate at the same speed as broadband computers. It’s tough enough that your website should take into account different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Your mobile website needs to take all these into account as well as how the browser acts on iPhones, BlackBerrys, Palm Pres, Androids, Motorola devices, Nokia devices, Samsung devices, and so on. The mobile web has also introduced new markup languages and programming specific to certain devices. These factors among many others need to be taken into account when developing a mobile website.

One of the first decisions you need to make when creating a mobile-friendly site is the way the experience will be delivered. You can choose to simply create or modify your existing web design and functionality to work well on mobile devices, or build an entirely new website. The ideal user experience is one specifically developed for mobile users that redirects to a mobile version of the site. This allows for the best possible experience for both mobile and desktop users since neither has scaled back functionality to accommodate the other.

You also need to determine the functionality your mobile website will provide. Maybe you want your mobile website to allow users to easily upload photos or interact differently than the desktop version because you know these visitors are potentially on-the-go.

No matter what your decisions, our web development team has experience designing and developing mobile websites for smartphone and tablet devices. Contact Boom Consulting or give us a call at 512-609-0022 so that your business makes a positive first impression on both computer and mobile screens.