Fortunately, you already have access to a market of more than 800 million members to establish your brand. How, though, can you use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites to accomplish this while differentiating your brand, building a clientele, and establishing product loyalty? Social media marketing, the practice of optimizing and skilfully integrating your content into the largest market in the world, offers the solution with a number of constantly improving, battle-tested methods. Boom Consulting's social media marketing service emphasizes the following aspects to deliver maximum exposure, interest, and staying power to your brand.

Brand Building

Profile web design, pictures, information, and status updates all supplement each other to create a dimensional image of your brand in the minds of social media users. By developing your brand in this way, we empower you to bring in your target demographics with optimized content.

Lead Generation

When it comes to lead generation, effective social media marketing is like a benevolent Ponzi scheme. After your brand is solidified, every user, who has an average of 130 friends, becomes an unofficial affiliate. As the different social media avenues begin to intertwine with each other, your messages transcend entire markets.

Relationship Building

More than just prospective clients, a firm social media presence connects you with purveyors, partners, and even future employees. Our service caters to all four of these demographics in order to drive your ROI up with human capital as well as raw profit.

Reputation Management

After inserting your brand into the infinitely growing frontier of social media websites, we locate and monitor posts, comments, and all other statements regarding your business so that you are always updated about the state of your online reputation.

Customer Feedback and Support

If you need assistance wading through the jargon, deciphering analytics, or just devising an overall plan, our team is more than happy to assist you. We also employ customer service professionals to answer any questions that your customers may pose, whether they are technical, product-related, or general in nature.

Community Building

The more you reach out to your customers with effective social media marketing, the more you strengthen your position in local and global communities. Our team incorporates optimized messages, concise copy, and a positive tone to bring both communities to your brand.

Product Building, Testing, and Development

With a steady stream of customer feedback and product support, you can make critical tweaks to your products in order to maximize loyalty and ultimately, revenue. The product building, testing, and development service we offer uses newly emerging trends and consumer demographics to idealize your perspective so that you can efficiently update your products and services.

Whether you're in Austin, Dallas, Houston, or elsewhere and need a social media marketing strategy, give Boom Consulting a call today at 512-609-0022 or request a free quote and let’s talk about your business needs.