Web based applications now empower companies to easily provide customers and associates with the ability to manage and visualize business critical data across all platforms and networks. For any customer focused organization, it’s critical you provide your customers with the most accurate information. Having your website linked to your business data provides your employees, suppliers, partners, and customers with the most up to date information.

Additionally, tasks can be automated and easily distributed to your internal employees using the web such as e-learning, payroll, or HR. No longer is there a need to distribute applications and updates for all business critical data. Do your employees update their HR data via the web? Is your customer-facing website linked to purchasing, supplies, or warehousing? Can you update your website’s inventory or content at any moment? Does your website reflect your marketing and sales campaigns? Do you manage business critical data and documents via the web and can you provide an audit trail for them?

Accounts payable, receivable, forecasting, incentive plans, performance management, staffing, time-tracking, etc., whether it is providing real time data to your customers via the Internet or allowing employees the ability to update business data on your Intranet, we can integrate your systems to provide a web-based solution for your business. Contact Boom Consulting or give us a call at 512-609-0022 with your goals and we'll provide a proposal for developing a custom system to support your needs.