The Internet is a playground and the average American spent 32 hours per month on the Internet in 2010. With an estimated 95 million Americans with Internet access, it goes without saying that the Internet is the place to be.

The Internet has gained in popularity and that can be attributed to the websites people visit. Sure, flashy attractive websites are nice, but once you’ve seen it, do you really need to visit it again? Probably not. Websites are becoming more interactive and thus they require greater research, usability, and interactivity. You want a website that empowers your business and engages your customers.

At Boom Consulting, we have the knowledge and experience to give your website that “Wow” factor and provide your users with an interactive online experience. If you need a website or have one that drastically needs help, sit back and relax and let us help.

Ask yourself:
  • Do you leverage the web to easily provide customers with up-to-date information?
  • Would you like to integrate existing systems with your web site?
  • Do you still deliver desktop applications to your employees that could easily be managed via the web?
  • Would you like to manage documents and data via a web-based user interface?
  • Have you realized the cost savings and potential to deliver web-based training to your employees and educate your consumers?
Our developers have decades of combined professional experience in developing complex web applications. Whether your company requires any of the following applications or a custom web application, we can deliver. Contact Boom Consulting or give us a call at 512-609-0022 and let’s start making your vision a reality.