Paid Placement Advertising (also called Sponsored Search, Pay-Per-Click or PPC Advertising) is an internet marketing tactic that can be used to list your business ad in the sponsored section of a search engine results page (SERP) or on any website that offers paid advertising be it directly through them or through a third-party advertising network.

As the name implies, you pay every time a visitor clicks on your ad (also known as cost per click or CPC). With search engines, you typically bid on keywords or keyword phrases relevant to your business and target market and thus set the price you're willing to pay.

While some content websites also use the bidding system (in particular when their advertising inventory is managed by an ad network), other sites often charge a fixed price per click (also called flat-rate PPC).

Advantages of Paid Placement Advertising:
  • Cost control
  • Target audience control
  • Traffic volume control
  • Performance control
  • Minimal time to implement
  • Easy testing, easy editing
  • Paid search ads are not subject to search engine algorithm changes
Pay-per-click advertising requires comprehensive research and effective campaign management. Our PPC Management Services include:
  • Keyword Research: We perform comprehensive research to define the most relevant and most efficient keywords for business.
  • >Competitor Research: We research and evaluate the keywords used by your closest competitors.
  • Ad Creation, Editing, Testing and Submission: We help you come up with compelling ad copy, and make sure your ads are tested and customer-ready before we submit them to search engines and content websites.
  • Campaign Management: We monitor and analyze the performance of your PPC campaign and provide you with improvement suggestions or make improvements where necessary.
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